About me

I am a photographer working within the fields of architecture and urban planning. I have a MSc in Sustainable Cities, and have a large interest in how cities evolve, and how architecture and urbanity affect people. This is what I strive to convey in my photography; the interplay between humans, buildings, urban spaces, and everything else surrounding us.

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My photography
In my architectural and urban photography, I attempt to make pictures from a human point of view.

Experiencing buildings and cities involves all senses, and translating these experiences into a medium as highly visual as photography is a challenging process. I try to think about different sensory impressions when working.

I explore the architect’s or planner’s intention, while also searching for all the little stories that cannot be planned for.

I try to think of buildings as events rather than objects; I like to explore how they change over time, how they adapt to their context, and how the context changes accordingly.

I want my photos to give viewers an impression of my point of view, and I want to make people curious to experience the places themselves.

Photo: Christian Tan    

Olivarius Arch    
Morten de Fine Olivarius    
CVR 43 94 30 65    

Personal life
I live in Copenhagen, in the old part of Sydhavn – where people greet each other in the streets, and the bars open early in the morning. When not photographing architecture, I work with urban planning and on other photographic projects. Further, I have an ongoing project to visit every bodega of Copenhagen; a project which can be followed on Instagram.