I make photos of architecture, cities, and urban spaces.

I am trained in both photography and urban planning, providing me with a precise and intuitive approach to the intersection that is urban photography.

In my photographic approach, I strive for an accurate but subjective depiction of the subject. I believe a human perspective is important, and that storytelling is the key role of the images.

Ideally, I work closely with studios, companies, municipalities, and other clients when solving the task at hand. I believe a close collaboration is necessary in communicating the story behind a project, whether it is a building, a development project, or an urban space.

Besides making photos of individual buildings or projects, I make photographic communication for municipalities. Visual mappings of urban and scenic values can be valuable when initiating development projects, as inspiration and point of reference for citizen involvement, and as promotion of the municipality.

I also do layout of portfolios, plans, books, and other publications.

I am based in Copenhagen, and am ready for assignments all over Denmark and Northern Europe. 

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